Friday, August 12, 2016

Ariella comes home!

Ariella (pronounced AH ree EL la) got released today and is home resting in the condo.  Tomorrow, after a night's rest in the mango, she is going upcountry to the resort.  We decided to bring her up there for the first couple of months because its more roomy and a better environment for a newborn.  The country air and weather is better and we have all the facilities that we have here in the mango.  Its at least 10 degrees cooler up at the resort and a lot less humid than the mango.  For example, its 10PM here in the mango, the temperature is 87F (31C) and feels like 96F (36C).  At the resort, the humidity is lower so the 86F feels like 86F or 31C.  

We will make trips back to the mango for her doctor's and B's doctor's appointments but her life will be that of a little country baby for the immediate future.  Life inside an aircon bubble is not good all the time, especially for young babies - best to get them used to fresh air and warmer temperatures of the land of smiles.  

Marina proudly welcoming her little sister home from the hospital
With all the craziness going on in the land of smiles, the farther away from large crowds the better too.  If the timing is right, we are leaving early morning and should be up in the resort by mid morning.  We have a small window due to the fact that this is a long holiday weekend (mother's day).

For me, it will also be a welcome relief of having so many people in the same room for so long.  It will be good to be in our own little bungalow and do what we want without all the commotion of having all the relatives around 24 hours a day.

More tomorrow.

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