Sunday, August 7, 2016

At home watching the Olympics

Quiet weekend at home watching the Olympics.  Can watch online or limited coverage through our free TV and cable service.  They have expanded the free Olympic Coverage this year after complaints of how little coverage there was of the games here in Thailand in 2012.  I can also use the online internet service to see most of the NBC broadcast events via my xfinity account.  The Internet connection leaves much to be desired as there is a lot of clipping and pauses for the prime events, but its better than nothing at this point.

We did make time to take Marina to Rockin' Jump again yesterday morning.  B and I both believe that this is great exercise for developing her jumping ability and to tire her out so that we can have a more peaceful day..555  She is an athletically gifted child with incredible running speed and strong upper body.  A friend of B's uncle, an assistant coach to the Thai National team and head of the local girls junior soccer leagues already has her eye on Marina.  Must have gotten all that from B as I was never a fast runner.  B was a highly rated volleyball player in her younger days.  Maybe if I live long enough, I will someday see Marina in the Olympics representing the Land of Smiles...555

On the archery front, I watched the Korean Men's team beat the USA for the gold medal at the Olympics this morning.  They shot an incredible score to beat the USA 6-0 in match play format. The USA was very good, but the Koreans had only three arrows outside of the 10 ring for the entire match..and they were 9s. Australia came in third ahead of China, who took fourth.  Can't wait for the women's divisions tomorrow and the Koreans are expected to dominate those as well.

Lastly, its B's birthday today.  Its seems to come around faster each year she says, and I totally agree with her.  Normally, we are upcountry with family to celebrate, but with the baby due any day now, it was not safe to be away this year.  So we will have a little party this afternoon or evening here in the mango or somewhere close by.  

Have to go out now to look for a small birthday cake with candles.  Marina will want to blow out the candles again.  

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