Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back in the Mango....

I must be getting old.  I know it for sure.  A few blog posts ago, I said we were not on any schedule to get back to the mango.  I forgot two things - B's Aunt is with us and B had a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I knew I had one on the 5th of September, but that was a given since it was close to my trip to the States.  Anyway, plans are flexible so that meant leaving the resort this morning and now we are back in the mango - maybe until I leave next month!  I just don't want to make another dash back and forth in the next ten days or so and will let B drive herself back upcountry after I leave for Kalifornia.

Anyway, its time for a quick nap and then maybe some archery tomorrow after B's appointment.  As I was saying, a flexible schedule right?

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