Saturday, August 13, 2016

Back on the resort for a few days.

As planned, we left early this morning from Bangkok and got up here to the resort just after 9AM. Made great time because the traffic was light and there were very few trucks on the road.  Being in the middle of a big holiday weekend, we were concerned that traffic would be bad - it wasn't at all. Things are all settled in and little Ariella is doing just fine after the long trip in the car.  Seems to like the surrounding too - will all the green trees and plants.

Ariella opened her eyes about an hour after she was born.  She can now follow people and faces and seems to recognize people by their voices and shapes.  Knowing voices I can understand as she has been hearing B, Marina, and my voice for months from inside the womb.  But she seems to recognize other voices too.  From all indications, she will be a great baby and very smart.  And for B, this is the easiest time as babies this age only do three things:  eat, sleep, and poop.  B is nursing and we've got lots of diapers so it should be just fine up here for the immediate future.

You have likely heard by now that there were several bombings in Hua Hin and around Phuket. Definitely something that was planned to hurt the Thai economy.  The targets were 'soft' targets and essentially areas that are low profile and popular tourist destinations.  It was meant to hurt and Thai involved in politics would dare do something that stupid, which is the equivalent of breaking your own rice bowl for a political cause. Timing is also odd that its on the Queen's birthday and after the new charter was approved.  My thought on this is that its the work of Muslin rebels from the south or possibly outside the country trying to create chaos.  The great thing about this is that most of the shops and businesses in these kinds of area have CCTV systems and its likely that the criminals will be shown on video shortly and hunted down.  The Thai police and Army did some amazing detective work in the Erawan Shrine bombings and the people were eventually caught.

BBC Maps of bomb locations

Overall, things are safe in the mango for now although its best to see what develops and to stay away from popular tourist spots for the time being.  Even yesterday, there were extra layers of security put in place at some of the malls in the mango.  Some exits were closed and everyone was made to go thru a checkpoint where guards could inspect any large bags or backpacks.  The guards at Makro even checked under my car with mirrors before letting me into their lot up here in the country.

But its still the land of smiles and the locals are still smiling so don't change any plans to come.

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