Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beehive of Activity just started

The simple dinner tonight is set for 6:30pm, but preparations started earlier in the morning.  B and her mom went shopping for the drinks and appetizers and some other accessories.  I went to the ATM for more money...555  Actually, this dinner isn't going to be too bad in terms of cost.  Each Banquet table costs 2000 baht.  That's all inclusive of the meal, the tables, the chair covers, and onsite delivery and preparation.  Essentially it comes down to around 250 baht  (a bit over $7 USD) per person without the drinks.  We got a good deal because we are lining up vendors and caterers for our resort events and some of the local caterers want to impress.

Catering truck arrives with the tables and chairs

The caterers will set up cooking and serving tables outside and will bring the food in one dish at a time when the party starts.  We have a total of nine dishes per the traditional Chinese banquet style, including a whole fish and dessert.

Anyway, just a sneak peak of the activities going on now.  More later or tomorrow after the party.

We have tables outside for drinks and appetizers before dinner

Inside, the banquet tables are all set, waiting for the dishes, cups, and drinks

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