Friday, August 26, 2016

Booked my trip to Kalifornia

Changed and confirmed by trip back to Kalifornia for next month.  Plan to be there for approximately six weeks to check on the joint venture project, some other business, and attend a couple of birthdays. Its a good time for this trip because Ariella is strong and healthy and is relatively easy to take care of. B will be upcountry at the resort with her family and that means plenty of help for her too.  Will be heading back to the land of smiles on Halloween day morning so I will miss the crazies.  Also gives me a chance to cast my presidential ballot by mail and buy some Christmas gifts for Marina and Ariella ('Ella').

Just don't want to be caught over on the other bookend if things fall apart as it will eventually.  It might get pretty bad and maybe devastating if a war breaks out.  At times, even travel restrictions are implemented so I'll keep my fingers crossed and exit as soon as there is any sign of trouble.  As we get closer to the election and if the trends continue and Trump gets ahead...the possibilities of some kind of false flag or major event happening increases.

If things are going well and plans work out, I will then fly back to Kalifornia for the Christmas holidays and spend all of January in the states.  Want to go to the annual kite trade show and next year's big Vegas Archery Shoot in Las Vegas. Had such a great time there last year that I want to go back.   

All this, is subject to change due to health and other considerations at the moment.  One of the goals of this next trip back is to investigate places to have mitral valve repair surgery if its required.  I could have the operation here in the land of smiles, but it would be at my own cost.  Since I am on Medicare, my insurance in the states would cover this operation if it were to be done there.  I'm just hoping I don't need it, but that might be just wishful thinking.  My cardiologist wants to do a "TEE" test when I get back.  Once that is done, they will have a better idea of the scope of the problem and if I need to have surgery soon.  My symptoms are very mild and consists of occasional bouts of shortness of breath and a heart murmur.   

Ella's One Month Old Party:

Ella's welcome to the world party (Red Egg and Ginger party) is planned for tomorrow.  Its for close family and friends only and will have around 30 - 40 people.  Plans are to book 'dohk Jeen' or Chinese Banquet Style dinner at the resort from one of our caterers.  We wanted a modest party unlike the big blowout when we had Marina's party combined with the resort's opening three years ago.
Way too much last time.  We had around 200 people

There was even a huge sign above the stage and we had live music too
I'll take lots of pictures and post them when I get a chance.

Resort is full today and through the weekend so its back to work helping B's mom.  No rest for the wicked as they say....555

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