Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Came home for a bit today

I got a chance to go back to the condo today since its only about a 10 minute walk from the hospital. Took a long nap and will likely sleep here tonight as both B's mother and Aunt want to stay at the hospital tonight.  They can have extra space I will leave and feel right at home with all their food and soups, etc.  The hospital room is full of traffic all day from visitors - friends, relatives, and staff make it impossible to get any peace and quiet.

Ariella on Day 2 - sleeping like a baby

Marina on Day 2.  Spitting image of her little sister?/

After spending some time with Ariella, I can feel that she is going to be another special girl.  She was given a complete exam and evaluation by the Pediatrician and is in great health and development. Unlike Marina, who had to undergo some bilirubin lights for a bit of jaundice, Ariella is cruising right along with feeding every three hours.  Her eyes opened within the first hour and she seems to be peeking through those half open lids.

A few more days, and likely will be home for the weekend...and wouldn't you know it, its Mother's Day Weekend in Thailand! 

How's that for planning?

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