Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cool Place to Live

Its 92F in Bangkok and feels like 112F and not a pleasant place to be out and about.  But the graphic below tells the tale of the numbers here in the land of smiles.  Its a very pleasant 76F or 24.5C here at the resort tonight.  Was a little muggy in the afternoon, but we've been having a great wet season with very mild temperatures.  Plus we finally got some rain for the bamboo plants the last few days.  Being here is validation that one doesn't have to always be fighting the heat in Thailand.  A choice of venues are available from the mountains in the North to the beaches all around the country and one can pretty much select any of them.  

We're only a handful of places in the 70s throughout the country tonight

Though we have great weather except for the hottest days of the year, we settled here for another reason.  B's family is here.  From her Grandfather who used to raise fish a few lots away, to her aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family, this place has been their home for a few generations.  Like a little town, everyone seems to know about everyone else, but everyone is also nice and friendly.  Its small town Thailand, very much how I imagined small town America was like back in the 50s.  It has its problem with the local drunks and punks, but its small scale in comparison to the crime in the big cities of Amerika.  

As for fitting in, I'm lucky to be of Asian decent, although we have many other expats from Europe here that do just fine.  One English gentleman is a local hero as he puts on one of the many holiday shows during the year, bringing in a large production company for some Mor Lam music.  Its not like what you read in many online web boards about being stuck in the middle of nowhere downing one beer after another in order to keep from being bored.  If you are bored where you are now, its likely you will be bored here too...changing venues doesn't always change the individual.

There is no boredom in our place.  Being a resort and having lots of space, friends and family come by all the time and visit.  In fact, sometimes, I hide out in the office for some quiet time and to surf the net.  But that's Thai style family interactions...won't have it any other way.

So I will end today's post with a plug to visit upcountry Thailand, especially the north and northeast.  We are not that far from Bangkok and have a lot to offer, from great weather to interesting sights.  Its not the same venue offered by the likes of the reservation, but for many, a break to see the other 99% of Thailand might be fun.

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