Thursday, August 4, 2016

Favorite Blades

Before beginning this post, a warning about carrying knives in the Land of Smiles.  From Thai Visa:

Section 371 of the Thai Criminal Code prohibits openly carrying arms to a public place or carrying them to a gathering of people assembled for any purpose. One can be arrested and convicted with a small fine for this, and the weapon confiscated. The word "arms" in section 371 includes all weapons such as hunting knives, clubs, nightsticks, machetes and firearms. It also includes anything not necessarily intended to be used as a weapon, but that can be, such as a golf club or a rolling pin.

There is no law that would prevent you from having them in the home and using them as protection from intruders. Please remember, though, that there are limits on how these weapons can be used, even in the home. Section 371 does allow for carrying concealed arms in public places with "reasonable cause", which would be defined on a case-by-case basis. This is, however, a very limited exception. Examples of this reasonable cause would be:Transporting arms to be used for sport;keeping arms in the car while transporting large amounts of cash;arms transported along with other household goods as part of the process of moving.

So with that disclaimer out of the way, I want to discuss my EDC knives that I find useful.  Since I split my time on the resort and the mango, a good EDC knife for the resort and now to be plantation, is radically different than the mango.  I would think nothing about carrying around a big knife like this while in the tall grass in back.  It would be an obvious no no for the mango.

This bolo is one I like to carry and use at the resort and plantation - comes with a holster
For tall grasses, branches, and use upcountry, its hard to beat a good bolo machete knife.  Smaller than a latin machete but thicker, it can be used to cut heavier wood and branches.  I use it to clear brush and as a self defense weapon against snakes.  I like the Ontario Spec Plus Gen II from Amazon.  Carried it over in my checked luggage without problems. 

For my EDC pocket knife, which I use at both the resort and with some risk in the mango, I carry the Kershaw Blur, with the all stainless steel S30V blade.  Its not mean looking, but its fast and very effective assisted opener,  and the stainless steel blade makes taking care of it a breeze.

To avoid big problems, a Kershaw Ken Onion Leek is probably the best all around Every Day Carry pocket knife for the mango.  Its small, assisted opening (not a switch blade), and in Stainless its great for boxes and all those everyday use things.  The black version above is the one I like the best.

That's it for now.  Time to get ready for the Archery Range.

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