Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Going back to the mango tomorrow...

We going back to the mango tomorrow for a few days.  B's doctor's appointment is Friday and Ariella's appointment is on Monday.  That means we get to spend the weekend in the mango before coming back.  A party is planned for the weekend of the 28th here at the resort,  so we will be busy hopping around the next few weeks.  After that,  I have a business trip planned for Kalfornia in September/October before coming back to spend the holidays in the land of smiles.

We've also been waiting for rain the last two days without success.  The bamboo plants could use a drink but I would really like to see if the weather station records the proper rainfall amounts and reports it properly.  Guess I will have to wait until I get back next week.  We have a low pressure area right above us now and its dead calm with less that 2 mph winds -- its just too hot out for it to condense and rain.

These are for another tree spirit down the road.  My tree spirit is in the mango....
I went into Ban Khwao today to buy a silk dress for my tree ghost.  I will leave it at that for now and promise to do an interesting story of my experiences with this entity in one of my future blog posts.  For now, just say that I have only partially met her request for this dress.  No, I have not gone crazy with age or going 'country' native here in the land of smiles.  Lets just say there are many things we don't understand in the world around us.

This one near our resort is full of powder of people looking for lucky lotto numbers

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