Thursday, August 18, 2016

In the Mango...for the weekend

Just arrived in the mango, cranked up the air in the condo, and getting ready to take a little nap.  Got started a bit late this morning and the traffic was bad once we got to the perimeter of the city.  We have a bunch of appointments lined up and if I am lucky, I will try to sneak off for a dinner or session at the archery range when we are not busy.

It really isn't that bad to be a father here in the land of smiles.  Unlike in the States, there is always someone in the family around and they all want to help.  The only time I need to get involved is maybe as a driver since B can't hold the baby, manage Marina, and drive at the same time.  All the other times, I can just hold the baby when I want to and let all the women change diapers, feed the baby, bathe her, etc.  Its really a man's world here in the LOS and a big contrast to the pressure in Kalifornia when working couples have to contend with baby care and their careers as well - they get no help except from paid sitters.  Guess that is why we turn out such weird kids in the states vs the LOS where there is a large family of parents willing to help without reservation or compensation.

Just started raining hard outside so its perfect time for a nap.  Life is good in the mango - more tomorrow.

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