Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just an empty tray today...

Tried to post earlier from my phone at IKEA, but with no success.  By the time I got everything set up, all I had left was my empty tray.  Had a smoked salmon salad, cream of mushroom soup, a roll, and a drink for 195 baht. 

The IKEA Bangna has great lunches for a fair price, but I don't care for their meatballs.

Here today at IKEA to shop for a few things to use at the resort.  We used a lot of IKEA stuff to furnish our bungalows because it was both cheap and had decent quality.  It was especially beneficial that we could buy the stuff in knock down boxes and assemble the furniture upcountry as there weren't any decent furniture stores in our area and we couldn't get stores in the mango to deliver up to the country.  We ended up transporting the stuff ourselves in smaller pickup trucks instead.  The furniture has held up well and is classic in design so it can last a while before we have to refurbish the units.

Visited Khlong Tom Market Sunday for a buffing machine.  Best place in BKK for car accessories

Spent part of yesterday at the archery range with BB.  It was the first time in about 3 weeks due to being so very busy and being out of town.  Felt good and shot pretty well considering the absence.  Amazingly I was not sore this morning, even after about 200 or so arrows.  Having the lighter draw weight bow helped, but also in this hot weather, the muscles don't ache as much even though you do feel them being tired.  Finished the day with some yogurt and coffee at Holly's Coffee at the Street and did a bit of shopping at the Foodland there.  

Tomorrow, its back up to the resort in the morning.  Checked out my weather station from the mango online this evening and it works perfectly.  Even monitored a bit of rain we got this morning and this evening.  Identified exactly when and how much rain fell and the accumulated rainfall in real time. Click on the link above to see the current conditions.

Will post more tomorrow when I have time from the resort.  Baby 'Ella' is doing well, really well as she poops around 10 times a day and drinks mommy's milk like a champ.  Can see she is going to be a lot stronger and bigger than Marina.  Keep kidding B that I am going to have to take out a loan each time we go out to dinner to keep these two kids from eating us out of house and home...555

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