Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Posting from the Resort.

Rolled into the resort about 30 minutes ago.  Pleasant drive again after leaving the mango at around 6AM.  A bit of light commuter traffic and one accident, but things were quite smooth.  Came up by myself as B is going to bring the kids and her aunt later in the day.  She is getting the oil changed and some work done on the Beamer before coming up.  We may be up here for a while so having a couple of cars gives us some flexibility when we both need to be somewhere.  Gives me a free day to do what I please...

Had a few raindrops greet me when I got near the resort, but it has stopped.  Supposed to rain today so I'm just chilling out in the office and will like take a little nap after some lunch.  Only about 85F outside so the weather is great.

More later as I get things unloaded and get some nap time.

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