Monday, August 29, 2016

Raining again this morning......

Raining again this morning so no walk yet.  Might even skip the walk and go directly to the breakfast part of the morning routine.  One day off in two weeks is not bad right?

All we need are some giant bamboos....and they're coming!
The nice thing about rainy days here at the resort is that it has a feel of a Rain Forrest.  Tropical plants, palms, birds, and the warm weather makes it feel like a slice of paradise for me alone.  Far from the troubles of  the world and yet someplace I can call home with family.

Anyway, last night we celebrated Ella's "hello world" and welcome home with a cake that B ordered. We had just core family as most everyone else had started to go back to the mango or wasn't available.  B had bought some restarting candles since she knew that both the older kids liked to compete in blowing out candles.  Turned out to be a riot as the candles kept re-lighting and both soon became breathless trying to blow them all out completely....555  Had to step in when the room became full of smoke!

Marina waiting patiently for the go signal

These stupid candles won't go out!
Ella took it all in stride and slept through it all.  When she is bigger, she will get to see this again in the videos and pictures we took.  Pictures and videos are snapshots of our lives to share in the present and more importantly, to share again in the future when the kids are old enough to appreciate having these memories.

Routine activities planned for today.  A trip to Makro and Big C and some chores.  Still have guests leaving today so everyone will be busy with something.


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