Sunday, August 28, 2016

Raining out this morning....

Its been raining since 4am so no walk for this morning yet.  I like to get out around 5:45am and go for my morning walk because I finish just around when the van comes by and picks up my stepson for school.  The van driver always beeps and waves to me and is a good friend of the family.  In fact, she is indebted to me she says, of saving her career as she was having a hard time walking around due to her arthritis.  It was B's mom and I who suggested she take some glucosamine supplements for her joints and we gave her some pills I had bought from Costco to try out.

I guess it worked wonders as she is up and about like a youngster again and re-orders a bottle from me every couple of months. Sometimes we take for granted how easy it is to get vitamins and supplements in the states and how much of a difference it can make here in a remote part of Thailand.

Some updates on last night's party:

Drinks and social area outside in the plaza while tables are being readied

Are you ready to party?

Ella was the celebrity star last night

Guess who came to the party last night...the van driver!

Yep, all the men were huddled around the TV watching the boxing matches instead of football...555
Anyway, the party turned out fantastic.  The food was excellent and we will definitely recommend and use this caterer again for future events at the resort.

They set up a little kitchen and warm up area out in the back carport
My favorite was the deep fried prawns with a kind of pineapple/fruit-mayo salad and their dessert was outstanding too.  The chili-lime steamed fish was cooked to perfection and the dishes were all served nice and hot.  These people know what they are doing.

The evening was a simple affair.  Just dinner for family and close friends to welcome Ariella.   Everyone got to hold her and have pictures taken and people were invited to tie on lucky string or give a gold bracelet if they were wealthy.  In high so families, its gold, gold, and more gold but here in the country we are not hi-so so didn't get any...555.

Its definitely pay to play here....555
The younger kids (teenagers) had their own little section on the other side of the room where they socialized and had their own little party.  Overall it was a fun event and one that was something I wanted to give to Ariella for her future memories and scrapbook.

One of my favorite pictures of the night..Sevenwinds tying the knot with four generations of girls

Now we REALLY have our hands full
Back to the Mango in the next few days, but not sure exactly when.  But whenever it doesn't is still grand and life is great here in the land of smiles.

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