Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Waiting continues

This is the hardest part of the nine months of pregnancy.  For the potential mother, she is the most uncomfortable as she is now yuge...and for the potential father cause he has to contend with the temperamental mom and  be around to make sure everything is OK.  Can't be too far away from the hospital and definitely no trips away from the mango.

To my untrained eye, its looks likes an ink blot test
During the doctor's visit on Monday, we had another ultrasound done.  We also had a heart and fetal monitor test for about an hour because B indicated the baby was moving less during the last couple of days.  Turns out everything is OK.  The doctor took some measurements and said the baby is getting big and there is no room for her to move around and thus the slower activity.  If the baby is not out by next week, she will be delivered cesarean on Friday, August 12th.  It also happens to be mother's day and the Queen's birthday so I hope that the hospital won't be on minimal staff.

So I've been hanging out at home a lot, but plan to go out to the archery range tomorrow.  But waiting around in the big mango is a lot better than in crazy Kalifornia.


  1. Why do you always spell California with a K?

    1. See the following link:


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