Monday, August 15, 2016

The weather station is UP...sort of

After a few attempts, our weather station is up and running at the resort.  Its still on a temporary bracket as I will have to go into town to get some more hardware to make sure its secure in its location.  All the other stuff such as communicating with the base station, setting up a wunderground account, and WiFi connection seems to be working just fine.  Hopefully in a few days, Wunderground will be showing a local forecast for our site and you can check out the weather at our resort 24/7 from anywhere in the world via the Wunderground network.

The big problem I am  having now is that the attached map is showing that we are located in Atlanta, GA, the default home of Wunderground.  All the other info is correct and I just re-entered the proper coordinates so hopefully its just an update cycle issue and it will be picked up and modified during the system's next db cycle.  Else the only other alternative is to delete and add it again.  

Will try to post some pictures of the market and bamboo plantation in tomorrow's post.  Want to document these projects and compare them to how they will look in the future.  

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