Saturday, August 20, 2016

Underwear to go

Want to travel for months with just three pairs of underwear and not stink up the room when you walk in?

From time to time, I've been posting info about great travel clothing for those coming to the land of smiles or to whatever destination your hearts calls out to you to go.  We all want to travel as light as possible nowadays because of airline baggage restrictions and the logistics of moving a heavy bag once you've arrived at your destination.

One of the challenges of the traveler is having enough underwear.  If you travel with cotton underwear, you either need to pack enough for the whole trip or enough to allow 2-3 days for your underwear to dry completely in your room before they are recycled.  I've even heard of people buying disposable underwear (made of paper) as an alternative for washing.  Whatever your choice, it was a hassle to keep enough fresh underwear handy for the trip.

Now there is an answer for the problem.  The next generation of underwear made from fast drying, no stink,  high performance synthetic mesh material makes traveling easy.  Just wash at night, hang to dry and its ready by morning.  Bring an extra pair or two if you are a big lazy that night and you can travel indefinitely and not worry about underwear.  They are also very comfortable because they dry fast, stretch in all the right spots, and feel cool.

The only drawback has been the cost.  Most travel stores sell them for $20 or more per pair or several times the cost of a good cotton pair.  But this weekend, Duluth Trading has them for $18, which is a good deal.  And while its not a alternative for everyone for everyday use, especially if you have access to laundry facilities, having a few pair before your next trek out might be worthwhile.

Link to the sale here.

Note:  I do not have any financial or other interest in this company or website and not compensated in any way to promote their products!  Just like their stuff.

Quiet weekend so far.  Didn't go out last night.  Barnaby out of town and BB wasn't feeling well so it was just me.  May want to visit Khlong Tom market today and look for a car waxing buffing machine.  Time for Vanna to get a nice wax job.  Will do that next week at the resort when I have some time.

Mom and baby Ariella doing fine.  She only wakes up once per night now and is on a 4 hour sleeping and feeding cycle.  Growing fast too so will have some pictures next week at her party up at the resort.

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