Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why Trump can't lose


The Genie is already out of the bottle.  There is no remedy for controlling the Genie except to tame it or kill it as it can never be stuffed back into that little bottle again.

Trump's run for the Presidency has changed how millions of people view their government, politics, and institutions like the main stream media.  Ripped open like a infected sore, the corruption and stench that is oozing out from the decades of political abuse and deception is waking up even the most apathetic of the masses.  They're mad as hell, and for all intent and purposes, he has already won.

Some are speculating that if Trump loses, he has the core of a new media empire and television network in place to replace the now Alies-less Fox news and continue to fuel and fight for the America First movement until its either wins, is killed or tamed by the globalists.  That is contrary to those that hoped a quick and convincing slaughter of Trump in November will end his threat and make things like it was before he ran.  Whatever the case, once a secret or the truth is out,  only more lying can cover it up. So expect more lies, and deception and even more distrust between the various fractions.  This movement will be changing the political landscape for decades and those that don't take that into account, especially the 'downstream' candidates, will likely regret their ignorance.

Those that benefit from the current status quo are not going to rock the boat.  Why change things if you are getting money, benefits, and perks from the system?  Those perks and freebies are unsustainable and are going to end - we know it, they also know it but refuse to believe it until it actually happens.  

So, the only alternative to halting this movement is to let Trump win.  At that point, it may be such that he gets a gigantic problem, called USA Inc, that is so yuge, that even he can't fix it.  Then all the promises he made will come back to haunt and discredit him.  But maybe he does fix the problems and it would be great for America, but it will be years of  public agony, national sacrifice, and likely very little thanks for Trump when he is done.  Americans can be really cruel and ungrateful when things are not perfect. If I were Trump, I would think seriously about some golf and leisure time at that beautiful golf club his daughter owns in Florida instead of that run down mansion they call the White House.

But Trump is also a successful developer that turns run down neighborhoods into great places again. The White House and all of DC is a cesspool in need of total razing and makeover.  Will he have enough support and trust from the people to make American Great Again?  He'll need them.  As to the Force....he'll need that also...lots of it. 

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