Thursday, September 1, 2016

A bit dehydrated tonight

Sitting next to the computer tonight with a big bottle of cold water trying to get re hydrated.  I was sweating like a pig today at the archery range for a while until it suddenly cooled down near the end of our two hour time slot.  Now I realize why as its almost 10PM now and the temperature is still 87F with a heat index of 100F.  Can't imagine what it was during the 1PM time slot this afternoon, but it was pretty hot.

Bangkok buddy and I shot arrows for two hours before heading over to Holly's Coffee for some coffee, their soft seats,  and their ice cold air conditioning.  Seems to be kind of our archery day routine now and its great except that the drive home for me is usually pretty bad.  Today was really bad because it was pouring cats and dogs during the drive back and the traffic was at a standstill on Sathorn Road.  Took me over an hour to get home, even using the tollway.

But I'm not complaining, its just the way of life here in the Mango and I've come to accept it.

Talking about the Mango way of life, or "City of Life" as they are promoting it, the new MahaNakorn building is finished, making it the new 'Tallest building in Bangkok' by 10 meters. You can't miss the building as it looks like chunks of the building are missing all around.  Even though its supposed to be finished, the tenants have yet to move in and its not really totally accessible for photos of the views.  Living down here in the CBD, and the way my condo view is oriented, I have a partially obstructed view of the building from my window.  Can't wait for it to be lighted at night (supposed to be some kind of laser system) and will have some pictures to post when they come online.

A little known fact is that there is a large Chinese cemetery located right next to the new building on Chongnosi Road, near the SkyTrain station. Its a remnant of the days when this part of town was considered the outskirts of the city and the major landmark was a large windmill (Silom means windmill).   The cemetery is hidden from view from the street and its current location would make it one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in Bangkok except for the superstitious beliefs and fear of ghosts by the locals. Between 2000-2004 some of the cemetery was removed, but some still remain.  It would be a bit creepy to have a office tower or condo built on a old cemetery right?  Imaginations can run wild working at 3AM on a stormy night.....

Meantime, here is a YouTube Video of the project.

Tomorrow its some chores, a two hour massage, and the free buffet.  Lazy days ahead as I prepare for the weekend.  Its hard work to live here in the mango, but somebody's gotta do it right?

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