Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Biggest Wave Pool in the World

That's what it said on the signs around the pool.  According to Guinness Book of Records, the wave pool at Siam Park City is the largest in the world with over 13,600 sq meters of space.  But whatever the size, the pool offered a great place for us to spend the day yesterday.

Here is a short YouTube video with some of the features of Siam City Park.

With my days running short on this side of the bookend for a while, we wanted someplace where we could take Ella and at the same time have something for Marina to entertain herself as well.  It was B's idea to go to Siam Park City since they were running a discount this month, being the rainy season and all.  Our day turned out perfect and we got in with the 50% discount Thai price to the water park and the kiddie ride sections.  There was extra cost for the thrill rides, but we didn't want to go on those. Marina was free because she was under the height limit.

Yes, Marina you are under the height limit....just pat down your bun
Ticket entrance to the park

Siam Park City is the newer name for Suan Siam, which is really the same except the later is all Thai and the former is all English.  Its been around for a long while and is a huge, or yuge, complex with lots of acreage.  It claims to be one of the largest waterpark/amusement parks in Asia, and one can see how that might be the case when walking through.  Lots of buildings, rides, and attractions for everyone but a few looked a bit dated and in need of updating.  I think at one point, the owners/developers wanted to build the equivalent of a Disneyland like park for the land of smiles - An ambitious undertaking which I think is still ongoing.  There is certainly the space for a large complex.

The Log ride 
We came on a Tuesday, and the park seemed quite empty.  A lot of that feeling came about because of the sheer size of the park and unless you had a crowd of 20,000 people, it will feel like you have the place to yourself.  NO lines for most attractions and very few people in the pools - which we liked a lot.

The water is clean and clear and cool...
The park is clean and deserves credit for decent maintenance considering the size, budget,  and age of the facility.  NO park in Asia or elsewhere can compete with the gold standard of Disney's parks in the States when it comes to maintenance - Disneylands all look brand new...everyday of the year.  

The water park section is well maintained and I'm surprised that more people don't come here from the reservation for some relaxation and fun. Even during the rainy season, it was very hot yesterday and the rain didn't start until the evening anyway.

Huge area for resting and hanging out

There were definitely tour buses parked outside and the park seemed to have lots of non Thais, but its really an underutilized asset.  There are some neat roller coaster rides, water raft rides, and big water slides.  They are not the newest, biggest, or scariest rides but great for local/regional folks who will never get to see or experience the stuff we see in the States.  Its also a lot cheaper now as amusement parks in the States are hedging into or pass the $100 USD range nowadays for all access passes.  Great for a budget family outing if you are a local.  We spent less than 1000 baht for the day, including food and snacks.  

Marina in her 'Frozen' swim outfit

Getting ready for the next wave

Mother and daughter time

Marina had a great time at the wave pool and beach.  Gentle 4-6 inch waves kept her entertained all day and provided a shallow and clean alternative to the beach.  Plus you don't have to clean out all the sand from her suit at the end of the day.  Had to pull her out because both she and I were getting a bit sunburned, even though it was overcast skies most of the day.

B taking an ice cream break while dad spends time with Marina in the water

Oh yes, the lady in white gives massages if you want
Siam City Park is not far from the Core of the city and is a great one day trip.  Its located just off of the outer ring highway (Highway 9) as you heads toward Suvanbhumi Airport.  My guess is that it would be around the same cost as for a taxi to the airport if you want to go.  Get a few friends or the family together for an afternoon and split the cost and you will have a lot of fun for a bargain price.

Website to the park is here:

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