Friday, September 23, 2016

Busy Days......

Yep, busy days and lots of stuff taken care of.

Had a chance to do three major tasks today.  First was a visit to a local dealer to check out the new 2017 Ridgeline truck from Honda.  At the present time, I believe this truck is only offered in the USA and is built in Alabama. (***Updated:  Vehicle is also available in Canada - FYI for our Canadian Readers).  Its called the generation 2 (G2) Ridgeline by some because its a successor to the models with the same name, which stopped production a couple of years ago. After some internal reflection and reading various reviews, I decided that the Ridgeline was going to me my next vehicle to replace my 16 year old CRV.  After 230,000 miles (370,000 kilometers),  the CRV's aircon unit died and its long overdue for an expensive timing chain replacement.  Both of those repairs cost more than the vehicle is worth so its time to retire the CRV for something a bit newer.

I decided on this vehicle because its really an exotic mix between a SUV with is car like ride and having a truck bed for light duty work, and hauling stuff around.  Its a perfect match for my lifestyle. But, I'm just feeling out the market and doing research now.  Not even sure I am going to buy anything on this trip back, but the thought of having to quickly buy a car because my CRV just died on the street is not good thing to have on your mind.  So, more on this topic as the research continues. Here is a review of the truck from YouTube.  I'm hoping for the white color instead of the Black Edition shown in the video and in the RTL-E trim.  

Despite the relatively high cost for this really nice truck here in Kalifornia, its relatively comparable to a normal mid range truck in the land of smiles.  The cost of a vehicle in Thailand is much higher than here in Kalifornia.  An imported Honda CRV, for example, can cost $40K USD after all the taxes and duties. How most of the local Thais manage to own their expensive cars is a mystery to me. Certain trucks and SUV that meet special requirements for performance, size, and being assembled in Thailand make diesel trucks one of the cheapest vehicles to buy and own,  but these too easily approach $40K USD as well.  

The other parts of my day included visiting the JV project and Larry's produce.  Both were in the same area so it was a very logical choice to do both at once.  

Not too bad for a Thursday afternoon...busy but not overly so
The JV project is for most part completed.  What remains are some subleases and tenant issues that are no longer my responsibility.  We had a major national tenant back out of one of the units because they are in financial trouble and have no money to build out any more new stores. However, they continue to pay their rent until they can find someone who can take their place. The other tenants are all open and doing very well, so after almost three and a half years, this project going to finally generate income again.

The front of their once humble shack still remains

The visit to Larry's Produce is always a lot of fun.  The cost of produce is very expensive in the bay area. There are venues like Chinatown or some farmer's markets where produce can be bought cheap, but I like to find the farm stands that offer both local and imported produce.  Larry's has been around for decades as I used to pass them every time we went up to the Lake in the 90s.  They started with only local fruits and produce back then being sold out of a small shack.  Now, its a big operation with a huge parking lot and a sprawling complex of wood structures.  The prices are still great but more and more of the produce that is being sold is imported from Mexico and Latin America.  In a way its as sad and disappointing as picking up a souvenir in Italy, only to find that it was made in China.........

Cantaloupes, Asian pears, and local pears 

But I did pick up a lot of produce cause it was soooo cheap.  

Have some 'soul food' on the stove due to my visit to Larry's.  More about that tomorrow as my stomach calls.

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