Monday, September 12, 2016

Checked in and settled in Hotel Kalifornia

After experiencing a 1 1/2 hour delay in Taipei for the inbound flight, I arrived safely in the Bay Area on a quiet Sunday night.  Its the second time I've traveled on September 11th, and as predicted, security at all the airports were a bit tighter than normal.

Now, after about 5 hours of sleep, I am wide awake at 2:30 am suffering from jet lag.  So its a great time to post on my blog and surf the net a while until I get sleepy again.  No use fighting the jet lag, go with it until you have the energy to change it and expect it to take some time.  Not having to work and report to the office in the morning is a great help, but I used to do that too in my younger days on the trips over to the land of smiles.  But those were younger days and different times that only bring a big smile to this old body nowadays...555

Was expecting warmer weather as this is the usual 'Indian Summer' window for the Bay Area. Instead, its in the perfect 50s and 60s (14C- 22C)  bay area fog pattern and expected to stay that way for the next week or so.  Sleeping inside the condo with no air con or heater running...the joys of perfect weather is why so many choose to live here.

Shrillary was scheduled to visit SoCal and the Bay Area this week, but another incident with her passing out due to her perfect health cancelled that visit.  In fact, if you look at the video below, she is definitely not even able to move her feet as they drag her into the limo.  And then a strange piece of metal falls out from her pants leg in the process.  Many believe that its a piece of her catheter or a leg brace.  In what ever case, she is totally out as they drag her into the limo...just look at the position of her legs.

If anyone deserves the agony, its might be her, but she should consider how this is going to impact the country should she get elected.  Imagine a crisis like this during a war or emergency...and She says Trump in unfit for the job?  The only reason for this fiasco to continue is for her misguided desired to be elected the 'First Female US President' and to stack the US Supreme Court to change the country for decades.  She wants a legacy other than what she has now and to rewrite history to cover all of her evil doings in that legacy.  

This health issue will be harder to cover up as ever.  Stay home Shillary...the Bay Area is crazy enough without your visit.  

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