Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finally pulled the trigger

The internet is a great tool when you are shopping for a car, especially one that is hard to get. Anyway after a bit of searching, I found the vehicle I wanted and negotiated with the sales manager over the internet and got a great deal.  $1000 USD off the MSRP on a vehicle that is in high demand and limited in supply.  Agreed to pay cash for the vehicle and close the deal in 24 hours - which I did. So this morning, I drove up to the dealership and did a test drive, performed a walk around inspection, signed all the papers, and wrote them a check.  I lived up to my end, and they had to live up to their price.

Not the actual car, mine is still a virgin in regard to off-roading

So now, I am the new owner of a 2017 Ridgeline RTL-E in white.  I chose white because to me, its like Vanna's counterpart here in Kalifornia.  The truck is due to be delivered tomorrow morning so now I am faced with the task of giving her a name.  My 560SL is already named Velda so a name starting with a 'V' seems logical right?  A 'V' name with a Kalifornia theme...have to think about it a little bit.

My old CRV is going to a relative friend in my Godmother's family.  I will fix the aircon first, but I know she will put it to good use and finally retire it in peace when it finally dies.

The Bay Area is experiencing a heat wave the last couple of days.  Today, it was supposed to be 98F in San Francisco and it was fairly close.  Our kite team met this evening out at Ocean Beach where it is typically in the 50s with a brisk wind.  Today it was totally calm with no fog and around 90F.  That meant no kite team practice - cancelled due to lack of wind.  

Lastly, because of the practice, I missed all but about 10 minutes of the debate.  Its likely going to be replayed sometime later - I hope. Nothing but the spin masters out there right now trying to influence opinion on who won.  But in a way I'm glad I missed it as I am so tired of hearing nothing but politics on TV and radio since I arrived.  Lets get on with the voting and I can't wait to the end of next month so I can get the heck out of here and back to the land of smiles.

I got better things to do, like reading up on all the features of my new truck......

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