Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Free or Low Cost VPN service

If you live in the land of smiles and use the internet a lot, one of the things you will notice is that the ICT (the government agency that regulates the internet) blocks certain sites due to national policy or political reasons.  Also, there are some sites on the internet itself that require specific regional IPs in order to access them.  For many, that means using a VPN.  I am not advocating using a VPN to circumvent Thai government rules, that would be illegal.  But if you have a requirement to have a presence to be in the USA for example, a free VPN service can be of great help.  

What are some of the circumstances that you might need a local VPN?  Some banks do not allow foreign IP addresses to access their banking services for obvious reasons.  Other services like Breitbart News or Gunbroker.com don't like non USA IPs.  Some other websites have regional restrictions like sports channel websites or movie streaming services ( i.e. Netflix) and require a local regional IP as well.  

There are also circumstances where you might want some privacy regarding your location and IP address (which gives your location and lots of other info).  Hackers can trap and intercept normal traffic on the internet that is not encrypted and thus all your transactions are not always fully secure. Sometimes, for whatever your reason, you just don't want people to know where you are.

A while back, a new website called BetterNet.co became available which offered a free VPN service. Normally, the cost of a VPN service runs from around $49 to $150 USD per year depending on the level of security, the protocols supported, and the number of countries supported.   I previously posted about this service about a year ago and have used it exclusively since then and has it saved me some money and has worked great.  But if you want something other than just a basic VPN that covers  a primarily IP originating from the USA, then BetterNet alone might be the answer for you.

The reason I am posting about this again is that they have come out with another product that might be of interest.  Using the crowd funding site, Kickstarter, they have announced a new router called BetterSpot.  Instead of being limited to software running on your device, this router can serve as a type of gateway for all your devices at the same time and it can also travel the world with you.  What is neat is that there are some special offers to early backers of this project.  If the project succeeds, then you get the product first at a discount.  Kickstarter is where I got my bulletproof baseball cap two years ago after it was crowd funded for development.  It was neat to see it go through development and finally production using money provided by the early backers of the project.

So if this is something of interest to you, here is your chance.  Otherwise, just knowing you can get a free VPN service for a special need is a bargain. Nothing cheaper than FREE.

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