Saturday, September 24, 2016

Had some Soul Food Yesterday........

While I was at Larry's the other day, I saw that they had some Black Eye Peas for sale.  Around these parts, BEPs are not a common item.  I know about BEPs because when I was younger, I use to work every day at my father's grocery store.  The store was our family business where everyone had to work and I was around seven years old when I first started working there.  We were located in one of the Black neighborhoods in the City called the Fillmore.  We were also across the street from the Islamic temple where Mohammed Ali would sometimes come to give talks. In the 50s and 60s, the Fiillmore was a large thriving Black neighborhood which eventually got destroyed through 'redevelopment'.


  1. you can buy black eye beans and smoked ham hocks here in Bangkok. I've seen the black eye beans being sold as dry beans at foodland. got some in my emergency stash. as for smoked ham hocks, I think I've seen them in Bangkok Chinatown.

    1. Thanks for the info BB. I know that dried Black eye peas are pretty common but I got to use fresh ones in this dish. The dried beans require soaking overnight before cooking and just are not as good tasting as fresh.

      I'll check out Chinatown next trip, but I think they have charcoal smoked shank and 'bacon' as call it. Not quite the same taste due to the wood being used to smoke the meat. But it might be worth a try...555


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