Saturday, September 10, 2016

Just two days to go..

Just two days to go.  Actually, just one full day left as I get on that big silver bird back to Kalifornia on Sunday Morning. 
Spent the day shopping and then going to the Friday night free buffet.  Met up with Bangkok Buddy, Barnaby, and Buddha. There were no seats when we got to the lobby, so we opted for coffee at the coffee shop until some became available.  Said my goodbyes to the gang and headed home early. Plan on going to the weekend market tomorrow morning to pick up some cheap gifts  and then have one big meal at Fish head before my trip.

Also need to wash and cover Vanna for the trip and do the actual packing for the trip.  Mostly empty bags going back and some silly Thai food stuffs that will keep me happy when I'm over the other side.  

Ella looking up at Big Sis Marina...Best Friends Forever...ha ha ha
I see these trips as long business trips because the land of smiles is my real home now.  How can it be any other way?  Ariella is exactly one month old today and its been a glorious month of having a new family member around.  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful kids and to be able to live here and watch them grow up in this beautiful country.

These trips are also therapeutic in a way as it deepens my appreciation of what I have and the contrast between the two bookends.  As I have posted before, its like a mouth-full of bland rice between spicy bites of Thai food.   You need to have a bit of both to appreciate how wonderful the meal really is.

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