Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last night in the Mango...for a bit anyway

Tis the last night in the mango for a bit.  Tomorrow morning its off to the airport and then Amerika for six wonderful weeks.  Is the timing perfect or what?

Baby Ella is a bit sick from the hepatitis B shot she got from the doctors today.  She is going to get some some of her vaccinations but I won't be allowing her to take her MMR shot.  I just don't trust the big Pharma companies enough on that series yet.  Mumps, and Measles I had as a child and it didn't bother me too much.  Why risk the chance of autism for your child in the off chance that she might get exposed and contract measles or mumps.  You can recover from MMR, but autism is forever.  Not worth the risk to me and since vaccinations are not mandatory here, she won't be getting her MMR shot.  

Anyway, with Ella not feeling that well, we decided not to go out to Fish Head tonight.  Instead, she is in bed already and asleep.  She did have a great checkup and is growing very fast.  Gained almost 5 centimeters and is over 3.2 Kilos already.  Going to be bigger than Marina for sure.

With all that as a backdrop, you can see my concern about being away.  However, this is an optimal time because Ella is still easy to care for.  She's not mobile yet and her needs are basic.  In another year, that will be a totally different story.

Bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 yesterday to help me on my trip.  It will replace my 5 year old Ipad 2 and save me a bunch of weight - its very light (less than 8 ounces) and thin (less than 1/4 inch).  I spent the evening loading up the apps and files I will need to keep myself busy on the flight over.  The display on the S2 is outstanding and it also has the 4:3 aspect ration unlike many other tablets.  The higher price is hopefully justified in the product's quality and durability - only time will tell I guess. The less expensive versions in the Tab A and Tab E offer lower quality displays and build quality, but they are a bit cheaper as well.  I guess its a matter of what your needs are and your budget.

Made it to the weekend market this morning as well.  Found some gifts and bought them and got out before noon.  One comment is that the market is changing and expanding RAPIDLY!  It looks like a couple of major malls surrounding the original market are under construction.  The feel is starting to change and I suspect its going to lose its unique flavor in a few years so go out and spend some time while its still there.

Time for some sleep.  Gotta get up early and finish packing.

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