Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Slowly getting over the jet lag

I'm getting over the jet lag, but very slowly.  How else can you explain sleeping through an earthquake the other night?  It was a 3.5 earthquake right next door in Oakland and I didn't feel a thing, as I was in bed sound asleep (or somewhere in between being awake and asleep).  Here in the bay area, any earthquake below 4.0 usually results in residents rolling over and falling back asleep, but this quake was supposed to be within 15 miles of me.  In fact, more info indicates that its next to the archery range that I go to in the Oakland hills.

Anyway, no harm and no foul as I went about my business yesterday visiting Costco for some supplies and going through three months of mail.  Can't believe how much of the mail is junk even after requesting companies not send me any direct mail advertising, etc.  Had some dinner with friends last night and plan on visiting the joint venture project late this week.  Also have to make a visit to the firearms dealer to start the paperwork on my rifle.

The challenge is dealing with the weird hours of sleep as I can't seem to get more than 2-3 hours of continuous sleep before waking up and after working for 2-3 hours I am feeling sleepy again.  Some publications claim it takes one day per time zone to get adjusted so that means it will take me two weeks - hope not because it will be almost time to plan on getting back by then...555

Staying in touch with the girls via LINE.  The video conferencing calls work pretty good and if I have to use the LINE OUT feature which is more like a VOIP land line, the cost is very cheap.  Miss them all a lot already and I just want to get my stuff done and back home to the mango asap.

Sparse posting the next few weeks as I take care of business here in a very boring Kalifornia.

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