Monday, September 19, 2016

Still Jetlagged

Still a bit jet lagged even after a week in Kalifornia.  Suffering from weird sleeping hours and sleepiness during the day.  Some interesting info on how to combat jet lag in the video below:

To combat the sleepiness, I did go out to the archery range yesterday around 3PM and stayed for a couple of hours.  It didn't help much as my sleep last night was still not good and I was up again around 4:00 am.  

To make matters harder, we are having a bit of a heat wave (finally) in the bay area.  It was in the low 90s (34C) in the Oakland hills and at the archery range yesterday.  Because my condo faces the sun in the afternoon, it makes my unit very hot and the heat is retained throughout the evening.  That is great in the winter time and the rest of the year as I never have to use my heater.  But if the temperature gets above 90F, the unit gets a bit hot. My aircon is not working really well and I've done nothing to fix it for the just the few days of the year when we need it, I normally just leave the patio door open, but the noise from the busy road below is pretty loud.  Makes it harder to sleep and to overcome the jet lag with the extra noise of the cars and trucks traveling on that road.  But it will be OK.  One less day on this end and one day closer to going home...

Plan to go into SF today for a meeting and then a visit to the JV project midweek.  Also have to schedule an appointment for another heart exam and test with my cardiologist.  They want to do a TEE heart scan, which requires me to be sedated during the testing - hate having to go under, but I guess its something that will help in determining if further treatment is required for my Mitral valve problem.  Anyway, a busy week ahead and hopefully a week where I can get an upper hand on this crazy jet lag thing.

Lastly, news from home in the mango...had lots of flooding today in many of the streets.  Looks like the rainy season has finally come to the land of smiles.

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