Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bird Dogging and Pony Express - Making Fools of America & the Media

A sickening video (Part 1) was released yesterday by Project Veritas Action regarding how the Clinton machine works.  PVA is the same group that exposed Planned Parenthood's sale of fetus body parts for cash.  PVA used hidden cameras, infiltrated the operation,  and went underground for a year to make this video.

This documentary is about how this "dark ops" group tries to make Trump supporters look violent by instigating events with 'planted' operatives. Its supported and directed by DNC and Campaign money laundered through layers to avoid detection.   Long suspected to be the case, this video shows how corrupt the entire election process is.  "Bird dogging" and "Pony Express" are going to be famous words the next few weeks as these videos make the media rounds and maybe even the debate tomorrow night.  These are the people who are dividing America by their actions...creating an atmosphere of hate, racism, and distrust.  

I used to say when I saw stuff in Thailand that I didn't understand or was not right "TIT", (This is Thailand)...now I have to add to my vocabulary "TIA"...the new normal?.   WAKE UP WORLD. You can't believe anything you hear and see nowadays from the media - it could have been staged!   Can't wait for part 2

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