Monday, October 17, 2016

False Flags

There has been precious little information about the outcome of the meeting held last Friday between Obama and his foreign policy advisers.  Military options regarding Syria were to be discussed which could lead to the start of WW3.  What information was not officially released can be deduced from the actions and events over the weekend.  

First, Kerry was dispatched to try to revive the talks again with Russia. That's the good news.   Second, VP Joe Biden let him mouth run loose again and said:

That sounds like to me the first phase of this WW3 will start with cyber strikes and counter strikes by Russia. For the time being, until a "False Flag" Operation is executed, I think we can prepare for some interesting "events" in our digitally connected world.  The cyber attacks can also be the trigger of this false flag.  For example, a 'hacked' missile' could be targeted to a 'friendly' location and after denotation, could be used as a pretense for war.  This would be far fetched if it not for our history of doing such deeds - its standard operating procedure for the NSA/CIA.  See Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and how it was the pretext for the US to enter the Vietnam war.  The NSA has admitted it altered data about the event and lied to make it seem like the Vietnamese fired on the USS Maddox first.  This false flag event caused 1.3 million people (on all sides) to die in the war.  Over 58,000 US soldiers came home in body bags.  None of the people responsible for the flag flag event were ever identified or prosecuted.  

So in regard to last week's post regarding WW3, there is still a chance for peace if Kerry is still talking.  But if we do what Biden says, or if a major 'incident' happens in the next few days, expect the worse.  

I remembered watching and listening to the Cuban missile Crisis unfold when I was a young pup.  It was a time when the world's fate was at stake.  Who will blink this time?

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