Friday, October 21, 2016

Fearless in New York

At the nationally televised  Al Smith Charity dinner last night, Trump totally roasted Hillary to the dismay of those attending. This dinner is one of those Hi So events where 'white ties', liberals, politicians, and big money is a requirement to attend.  You won't find everyday Catholics like me getting an invitation.  Its supposed to be a 'civil' event, but Trump was his old self...fearless.

Ever walk into an event where 90% of the people hate you?  The ultimate lion's den - one against all odds but the rage to fight is overwhelming.  

 This was one of his early movies filmed in Thailand

Rage to fight - no matter the odds
Trump performance last night was priceless...just look at the faces of the detractors, and so called 'sophisticrats' squirm, the nervous laughter, and jaws drop as he delivers blow after blow.  Don't worry, it was fair game. Hillary got her chances too.  He walked out standing tall..and smiling all the way home too..555.  I don't think he will get invited back soon.

And the cool thing was that they couldn't cut the scene because many networks made it a big deal and thought that he was the one that would be roasted alive, make a fool of himself,  and lose his cool. But after all this, I think he will do just fine and actually bring some fun to the White House again.

One last takeaway.  Complacency is the same as resigning one self to doom...just another one of those people that will be on the train.  The big lesson of this video.  "Any country can survive choosing a fool as a leader, but history has shown that time and time again, a nation of fools is surely doomed".


  1. You only see what you want to see. Most polls say Hillary won. But you are going to tell us the media is rigged against Trump.

    1. If I have a choice of what I can see, then that might be true. Unfortunately the MSM provides a censored by omission or distorted view of the world. Try reading a paper in the Russian or Chinese press or looking at alternative media. It might open your eyes - a lot. As for the polls, I took a few statistics classes when I went to college. I know that poor or selective sampling can be used to give any results you want. Follow the money and see who pays for these polls and their sampling will find that they are far from being objective. BREXIT was behind in polls, but won the only poll that counted...the real vote. There is a massive group of people who cannot be sampled because they have never voted before and are not on the list of those picking names for samples. This will be the wildcard factor that the Globalists and liberals fear so much.

      By the way, three daily polls show Trump ahead today...LATimes, Rasmussen, and IBD on a national level. With three weeks to go and many more Wiki leak dumps, I think the Hillary campaign peaked too soon and doesn't have the stamina for the race to the finish line. She starting to fade already.

    2. We can at least agree on one thing. We can't wait for this election to be over. Nov. 8 can't come soon enough.

      With that said, I seriously doubt Trump will win.


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