Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five More days......

In five days, I will be boarding the big silver bird and heading home.  Its been an eventful six weeks in Kalifornia and frankly, I can't wait to get home.  Talking to B and the kids this morning helps to put me at ease, but the days seem so much longer now as I get closer to departure day.

I still have to get my TEE exam this Friday, pay my property taxes, and start my packing. Sent in my absentee ballot yesterday so I am good on that end.  Ordered some black kid sized shirts for Marina and some casual black pants to take back as they are nearly impossible to get in the LOS.  Most of the clothing in Thailand is "Asian" sized, which is at least two sizes smaller than typical western sizes.  So if you wear a "L", you will need to buy at least a XXL so that it will fit.  

The Peppa Pig Family

Also started packing my bags.  On this trip, its half loaded with Marina's latest toy craze - Peppa Pigs. Last trip it was the Princess Anna and Queen Elsa toys.  So I bought her a few play sets and ordered a set of plush toys.  Just hoping that all of the stuff will come in this week.  As for Ella, she is still too young for any toys, but I will try to think of something for her in the next few days.  She is getting very big and has already started to smile at people!

For myself, I am bringing back my replacement Bear Ausable longbow.  It snapped a few months ago while I was in the LOS and I had to bring it back to exchange it as it was still under warranty.  

Go clock go...its almost time.

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