Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fleet Week and Blue Angels are in town...

The loud roar of the Blue Angels will be heard starting this afternoon over the Bay Area.  It looks like it will be a beautiful day over the bay too as there is little or no fog this morning. From my window, I have a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge which is pretty rare most times of the year.

I have tremendous respect for our military and especially the pilots of these show planes.  Did you know that these pilots are on yearly assignments and fly in airshows all over the country and that is all they do?  Each plane has its own crew and their job is as much public relations and receptions as much as flying around.  In my younger days when I was performing with the kite team, we would sometimes be in the same airshows as the Blue Angels.  We got to attend the same parties and even got to be "inside of the ropes" with the various planes and pilots in those shows.

Ah.... the younger days......

So its likely I am going to find a spot on Treasure Island this afternoon, sit on the back bed of Vanessa with a cold soda and camera,  and watch them practice.  

Kalifornia, this is one of those days where I don't mind being here at all.


  1. Nice pics. When were they taken?

  2. Actually the top picture is not mine. Its an image taken from Google images. The other picture with the team was taken over 10 years ago at one of several airshows we did together - don't remember exact the date. We even did an airshow at the Fallon Airbase in Reno, Nevada. This is the base where they have the "Top Gun" pilots training school. They even gave each of us officers quarters..555


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