Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Get well soon HRM

In a crazy and contentious world like we have today, one must admire world leaders that have been successful in unifying their countries for extended periods of time.  There is no other person that is more beloved and unifying than HRM the King.  If I am asked who I thought was a great world leader by the press like Gary Johnson, I would not hesitate to name HRM King Bhumibol.  To me, he is the ultimate "people's king", where his country and people came first  - a stark contrast to today's power hungry and greedy politicians.  And I am not even Thai.

This is my favorite picture of the King, reaching out to the lowest of his subjects
For narly 70 years, he has been a unifying force and inspirational leader for Thailand.  Through many turbulent periods, his moral and spiritual leadership was above the political frays that divided the country.  He was above the frays, but at times got involved just enough to stop things from getting out of hand.  In recent history, you will not find a king more beloved by the people for so long than HRM.  

For some this Buddhist chants helps to heal and restore health. I am not Buddhist, so I will also offer the king a prayer for a fast and complete recovery.

Buddhist Chant for recovery

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