Sunday, October 30, 2016

Here's the deal.....

OK, my girl here's the deal.

You're going announce next week that you are dropping out of the race due to health reasons. For that, you will get to keep your millions and I will pardon you from all charges because of your loyal and unselfish service to the country.  You'll stay out of jail and can then go away somewhere and live whatever time you have left on this planet in peace.  Say nothing about me and our overlords being involved with your server and knowing about your foundation's money laundering or your health will unexpectedly take a turn for the worse and your battered body suddenly succumbing to the 'illness'.

After you drop out, I am then going to announce that due to the unusual circumstances of this election and it not being fair, we are going to postpone the election for six months until a new DNC candidate (like my wife) can be selected.  Besides, its unprecedented that my fall guy, Comey, had the nerve to come out and interfere with our rigged election process.  I am going to take him out back to the whipping shed and take care of him for good and make an example of him.

I am also going to declare martial law, because the people are going to go crazy over this delay.  But I will blame the Russians for instigating the violence and that we should call for our DHS to 'defend the country' and lock them crazies up in the FEMA camps we have set up.  For the time being until the election,you better get used to me being here for a while because once Michelle gets in, I will be here eight more years.

Finally, I need some more time to set up and fund my Obama Peace Foundation to help the poor people of the world. we have a Deal, my girl?


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