Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to rig a coin toss

There is lot of talk lately about election rigging and how many say that its impossible and cheating is insignificant.  Prez O himself said it was easier to get hit by lightning than to find rigging in the US elections.  

But I am out to open your eyes and give you a little challenge at the same time.  

I am claiming that I can rig a coin toss.  Everyone knows that a coin toss is supposed to be statistically even at 50% heads or tails. Sure, some people can claim they can get a higher number of heads than tails all the time. That's an easy claim and challenge.  But..... The chances of it landing on the edge is  - virtually impossible right?  Get hit by lightning first.  What if I told you that I could rig the coin toss stats so that my coin toss results show I landed 95% of the time on the edge instead of heads or tails?  I'll even pay you 10 to 1 odds if you bet heads or tails.  So my claim would be:

Greater than 95% of coin tosses landing on the edge of the coin!  

And I would not be lying either and have PROOF and can show it to your face
How can I make such claim?  See the answer here.

This answer will disappear after 7 days.

Once you look at the solution, you can see how anything can be rigged.  Even something as simple as a coin toss.  There was nothing wrong with the stats....only the data.
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