Monday, October 24, 2016

It was really about Oil and Western Bankers

Today's post is about Libya, and how the western banking cartel and France colluded with the US to topple a regime and created a mess. In declassified email documents released by the State Department because of a FOIA request, it showed how we engineered and funded unrest in the middle east and Africa with the sole purpose of regime change and how the western media deceived us about it.  Perhaps I give the media too much credit as it is likely in some cases, they too were brainwashed  and failed to do any kind of validation of the spoon fed info coming from the perpetrators.

Libya under Gaddafi, had the highest GDP, longest life expectancy, and the most freedom for its women among its African and Middle East peers.  Libya has the largest deposit of oil in the African Continent.  It was also estimated that Libya had in excess of 143 tons of gold and an equal weight in Silver.  Gaddafi wanted to create an Pan-African currency backed by gold for oil and other transactions so that it could offer an alternative to the Petro-dollar.  The oil and gold alternative is what led to his overthrow and execution.

As usual, she dodged the question.  She should be Jailed for War Crimes

Here is a different view of Gaddafi and Libya before its 'liberation'.  Libya sounded a lot like of what some of the politicians (like her) are promising - like free college, housing, health care, etc.  Yes, Gaddafi actually got things done, unlike our politicians.  

Open you mind and free yourself from the MSM's brainwashing.  Perhaps that is why the dishonest media coverage continues for this Administration.  They know they have the blood of the Libyan people on their hands and might someday be indicted in supporting war crimes by lying to the world.   

I am not supporting Gaddafi as I am sure there is another side we are not seeing in this, but based on what I have been seeing in the media today regarding this election...we were deceived big time regarding Libya.   

I can't see how Obama and Hillary can sleep at night, knowing how many people have been killed under their watch...but evil knows no guilt or shame.

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