Sunday, October 9, 2016

Once in a while, its good to listen to the other side.

A lot of mainstream media news coverage has been made of Russia the last few months in an attempt to demonize the country.  The various government officials and presidential campaign surrogates have accused Russia of a variety of things that include election interference, hacking, and military atrocities in the middle east.  But we all know that the MSM is suspect and has lost the credibility it once had to report the news objectively.  So its appropriate that it might be of benefit to hear what the Russians are saying about this situation.  Listening to all parties and then making a reasonable conclusion is the least we can do in order understand and to avoid a conflict that might end all life as we know it today.  So here is Putin's side of the story and what he feels he has to do for his country.  I think its the Russian version of a press conference.

If you visit Russia or any other country for that matter, you find the people are just like us.  Its a beautiful and warm country.  The Russian people eat, sleep, and bleed just like we do.  They want safety, security, and the right to live as they please.  They moan and bitch about their leaders and politicians just like we do.  Its only the names of the politicians and leaders that are different and those few people determine the fate of all those in their control.  In a war, these leaders seldom die or suffer.  Its the other 99% that will suffer, bleed, and die.  The 1% will sit and watch from afar or inside their 'doomsday bunkers' while the pawns like you and I suffer the consequences of their egos.  

After all, many think its time for a purge of human beings anyway, as we are rapidly approaching the end point of sustainability.  Just hope for a quick and painless end if things don't change fast.

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