Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pictures from home

B sent me some pictures last night of the flooding we are experiencing at the resort.  The water rises up regularly in our area and floods a lot of the land around us, but we are so much higher than the area around us that we almost become an island except for the road that goes by our front gate.

As mentioned in an earlier post this week, the flood waters covered our planned bamboo plantation area.  Fortunately, I was told that B's father anticipated the floods (smart man!), and pulled most of the plants out of the ground before the waters rose up so we reduced the chances of damage to the plants except for their replanting.  They can be replanted after the floods, which was my original plan anyway.  

According to B, the plantation is less than a foot underwater - more like six inches in most places and that would be OK when the plants get mature.  She also said the waters are receding, which means the ones that were missed have a chance for survival.  Just to be safe, I think I will add one more meter to the height of the pad before we replant.  Unfortunately, that means more money and more trucks of dirt in the next few months.

August 2016 note position of cement piles in background

Picture taken yesterday
Going to use the blue water pipe as a reference
These two pictures show the before and after effects of the flooding.  Closer to the camera, the bamboo plantation is higher because there is a khong between the resort and the plantation, but 6-9 inches of water would cover the plants.  We'll see how high it can get this year and then landfill as appropriate.

This is the reason its good to take a lot of pictures - note how much higher than khlong side

This is the section that is under 6-9 inches of water.
 As can be seen by the photos, the resort itself is safe from flooding.  It would take something greater than we experienced a few years ago when Bangkok was flooding to get even close. That year while Bangkok was flooding, the water only came up to the fence line. The water overflowed the road and we had to use 4WD to get to and from the resort for about half a day. Coming back, I made a wrong turn and ended up in in western Bangkok driving in hood deep water.  But that is another story from another time. 

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