Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Evils of the MSM - Aleppo

What's Aleppo? ...Gary Johnson, Presidential candidate for the United States of America

Its gets really bad when you can't trust what you hear and read from the main stream media. Journalism as we know it is dead.  High on many people's mind is the potential flash point of Aleppo, Syria.  Why is it important?  Its potentially where WW3 might start if an accidental downing of a US or Russian plane happens.  Tensions are very high in the region and already the MSM is starting their demonetization propaganda against Assad and Russia.

Here is a video from Ron Paul's Liberty Report (  Dr. Paul may be called a lot of names, but one thing no one calls him is being dishonest.  So compare what is being fed to you by the MSM to someone who has just returned from the front lines in Syria.

She names specifics and details which you will never hear from the MSM.

If she is right, expect the situation to get worse and war in the region within weeks or months.  

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