Friday, October 28, 2016

The Last political post

This is the last political post as I have to start packing for the ride on the big silver bird.  I am sure you are very happy.

This is also my last weekend in Kalifornia and I will be leaving on Sunday evening (which is actually Monday morning).  Can't wait to get out of this craziness - its down to the last few minutes of the game and things are changing rapidly.  Trump is surging and it doesn't look good for Hillary right now...too much stuff is starting to rise from the cesspools of Washington and the smell is getting overwhelming.  Wikileaks and others are doing what the press should have been doing all along - exposing how corrupt Hillary is and why she does not have the INTEGRITY to be in the oval office. 

No, Trump's support is not just from angry white men.  The parties have totally flipped...the Democrats are no longer the party of the people...they represent the big corporations and rich billionaires.  It took someone like Trump to expose them and the political landscape in America will never be the same again.

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