Sunday, October 30, 2016

Today's the day!

Today is the day, and tonight I am going to the airport for my ride back home.

Its rainy, wet, and the chill of winter is starting to set in here in Kalifornia.  Back home, the best weather of the year is just starting and its the perfect place to watch all the craziness of the election play out in its final stages.  

Will the embassy have a free election party like they did during the Bush/Gore contest?  Unlikely as the US Embassy got stuck with a huge food and drink bill when the election couldn't be decided within the rental period of the party.  As the election dragged on and on, they finally had to kick everyone out because they were drinking the hotel blind..555  That election wasn't decided for weeks until it went to the supreme court.  Al Gore did not concede the election remember?  Darn those hanging chads...

It will be great to turn on the TV and get real news again from around the world and shows without campaign commercials every few minutes.  

Lastly, it will be great to have the kids and B around again.  Its been a very long six weeks.

More from SFO or Taipei.

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