Saturday, October 8, 2016

Vanessa gets covered

I was planning to go to the archery range this afternoon, but a package that I didn't expect for another week arrived today.  The security people called around noon and said that there was a big box downstairs waiting for me and I instantly knew it was the tonneau cover for Vanessa that I won on eBay.

Cover protects the truck bed contents from the elements

Plans are changeable as life is a bit unpredictable right?  So this afternoon, I spent time installing the cover.  It wasn't hard except that I didn't have a Torx bit to take off the tie down bracket screws.  That meant a trip over to the local O'Reillys to pick up the bit - ended up buying an entire set because buying just one for $10 didn't make sense when you can get a whole set for $30.  Still ended up saving money because the dealers want around $300 bucks to install the cover.  It was a genuine Honda OEM part so the installation was smooth and it fit perfectly.  Because its a Honda item, its has a 3 years warranty.

Improves gas mileage by reducing turbulence from the tailgate 
Anyway, about an hour later, the cover was done and Vanessa looks great.  The cover will make her more sleek looking and provide some cover and privacy to things stored in the truck bed.  I was a bit disappointed that the some of fasteners parts were plastic and not 100% metal so I won't be putting anything really valuable in the truck bed as I think it can be wedged open if enough force is used. Not a good idea to use this kind of cover for valuables storage - or have anything valuable in any vehicle anyway.

lots of storage and out of sight from prying eyes.  Cover can be folded up in three ways for larger cargo

Tomorrow it will archery time....hopefully.

The other update is that my little "not-a-black gun" was picked up after being in jail at the  FFD for the last ten days.  Here in Kalifornia, there is a ten day mandatory waiting period for all guns - even if you own a bunch of other guns.  The waiting period was designed for those likely to commit crimes of passion - but it doesn't make sense for people who already own guns - they can simply use one that they already have.  Another one of those stupid laws to ban gun ownership.  Haven't had time to shoot it yet because I am waiting for a riser to elevate the scope I am going to use.  It will be impossible to get one of these in the future if Hillary wins the election.

What???  doesn't EVERYBODY sleep next to an AR15 in their bed?
All kidding aside, this rifle is in my gun safe and out of sight.  Don't want to end up in the monkey house or have my collection taken away from me...555

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