Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why you shouldn't put anything on the Internet that is private

The fallacy that you have security and privacy on the internet is just that.  Its a fallacy.  That is why I don't have an official Facebook account and why I don't put personal stuff on the internet. This blog is such that I never use real names of the people I write about and I only refer to myself as 'Sevenwinds'.  The information that I do post is stuff that I don't mind sharing with readers - personal stuff that I doubt would be of interest to the general public or government authorities.  I draw a very specific line around really personal stuff and have even taken older posts offline to another 'private' blog site.

With the revelation that yahoo mail has been scanning all its emails for the government, it cements the point that Snowden has made all along -- big brother is watching, listening, and reading about everything you do.  Even for those of us who have nothing to hide, it doesn't protect you from being singled out for your religious views, political alliances, or your friends. You might even be targeted because you read this blog!

I know that the Thai government regularly monitor all blogs about Thailand.  Since I've been blogging for over 10 years, its very likely that this blog has been reviewed regularly for its content and if I said something wrong, its likely that I would have been contacted by now.  Even making a blog 'private' does not ensure protection.  After all, emails are supposed to be private - and look what happened at yahoo.  In reality, anything you put on the internet can be hacked or compromised by the powers that be.

The saving grace is that my blog is to most pundit and political readers 'bland and boring'.  I write about my kids, cars, and stuff that affects my life.  I throw in comments about the world economy and monetary system, but that information is hardly new.  My political position is known, and my bias against the left and the NOW is obvious.  Will these views eventually send me to a FEMA re-education camp?  If I feel that there is such a chance, then expect more blandness and boring pictures of my kids as we go forward.

But then there is another way.......

But the little known fact about this brilliant commercial was that the first MacIntosh was a relative failure, selling only about 70K units.  The open architecture of the IBM PC (big blue) eventually dominated the market place. The Mac was too expensive and too far ahead of its time and it and LISA eventually led to the fall of Steve Jobs at Apple.   So do we risk being used as an example for speaking up and fighting big brother?  I think most of us have the desire to be free - so we better give big brother a big smile as he watches.  Jobs eventually came back bigger than ever, but that's another story.

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