Friday, October 14, 2016

WW3 is around the corner

Tomorrow, Obama is going to have a meeting with his Foreign Policy team.  One of the items on the agenda is possible military intervention in Syria.  If that happens, expect WW3 to formally start.  In a way, it has already started with each side beginning to demonize the other.  It appears that the US wants to protect about 9000 'moderate rebels' troops exiting Iraq and going to Aleppo.  These are the troops being supported and supplied with arms from the US and financed by the other Sunni Nations opposed to al-Assad who want him removed from power.

Its likely these troops are going to be attacked.  The Syrian government is closing in on Eastern Aleppo and expects to crush these troops in a matter of days.  Letting them out of their trap to fight again another day is not an option - so expect a bloody confrontation over this issue.  Whether its by Syrian or Russian jets, there will be a response.  If then the US responds, its going to bring the Russians into the fray.

Russia is the only legitimate country that should be in Syria.  Syria is a sovereign country.  We might not like or agree with how its being governed, but it is none of our business.  The Russians, and only the Russians, were asked by the government to assist them due to a defense agreement between the two countries.  All other countries that are meddling in this civil war are interfering with the internal affairs of a sovereign country.  Its no different than having a country like Russia getting involved in our Civil War - supplying arms to the South, for example.

And for those liberals on the high horse saying we must protect the innocents for humanitarian reasons - let me point out that there are countless oppressed countries in Africa that have far worse situations and why are we not there?  Its obvious, no special interests groups are paying the politicians for their involvement.  

If the US then sends in ground troops, its then a declaration of war with Syria.  War with Syria means war with Russia.  Their 'red line' is no outside military involvement in Syria.  Unlike our lines, Russia's red lines are firm.  War with Russia is likely a war that will eventually involve China.  Its a war the US cannot win without great loss.  We won't survive - but maybe that was the plan all along.

I expected a war last year and earlier this year.  See blog post here:  The banks and financial institutions need it, the military industrial complex wants it, and Hillary is going to lose this election after all the new Wikileaks come out.  War is the only choice for these special interests.

Its not a matter of 'if' its going to happen, but 'when'.  And in a 'limited' nuclear war, there will be select cities targeted first.  To my buddies in the Islands, be prepared as you are in the cross hairs as one of the very early targets because of your strategic location.  

Pray that cooler heads will prevail in the meeting tomorrow.  If not, WW3 is going to start before the election begins.  Another reason that there might not be an election this time around.


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