Thursday, November 17, 2016

Back in the mango...

Very smooth drive back and made good time too.  The old road from the main highway to the resort which was only one lane each way is nearing completion and most of it is now two lanes each way.  That significantly cuts the drive time because we no longer have to slow for trucks and pass them against oncoming traffic.  It was a slow and scary road, especially when the weather is bad or at night.  Very easy to get into a head on collision.

The road is almost 70 kms long and it took them about two years to complete the widening.  It was complicated because they had to rebuild bridges and overpasses that crossed streams and rivers.  With its completion, we will save almost 30 minutes each way and have a significantly safer road as there is a landscaped island separating the traffic as well.

Time for a little nap and then some shopping for some food.

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