Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bought some sea salt today

Interesting day today as I spent the morning watching TV like many others waiting for the Presidential returns to come in.  Although we are 15 hours ahead of Kalifornia,  we still have to wait for the results like everyone else....  I don't know how many times people on the phone from the States have asked jokingly, "how is tomorrow going  - anything interesting going to happen?".

Kidding aside, I am looking forward to our new President taking office and will be holding him to task about his promises he made during his campaign.  His history has shown he means what he says and if he can successfully navigate and drain the swamp in Washington, he will have a decent chance. He needs to avoid being swallowed up in the muck and slime that has been the demise of so many noble and good intentioned predecessors.  Good vs Evil  - I think we survived a close call.

Anyway, after the TV session, I took a quick trip to buy some sea salt for B's mother.  She has been making and selling salted and cured fish from our ponds using some salt I bought for her on the last trip down to Hua Hin.  Its been so popular that she wants to scale it up because it offers a better profit margin and longer shelf life for our fish.  In addition to selling our live fish, we are going to keep a portion to cure and sell all year round.  Smart lady, as I never thought about that angle at all.  We are going up to the resort tomorrow and staying through Loy Krathong before returning to the mango so it was today or waiting another few weeks more.  I know I will get a small earful if I didn't go today, but it was not too painful a trip and I rewarded myself with a junk food meal at Burger King.

The best place to get fresh sea salt near Bangkok are the salt flats about 50kms south on Hwy 35 towards Hua Hin.   The vendors set up their business on the side of the road next to their farms. Bought 200 kilos of salt (4 sacks of 50 kg at only 150 baht each).  That should last for a few months and each time we go down to Hua Hin, I can buy more and stock up so we have it on hand during the fish harvest season.

Here is a short video of the actual process and location:

More tomorrow after I get up to the resort.

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