Monday, November 28, 2016

Breaking out the parkas

Marina in her cute polar fleece parka this morning
From the looks of it, one would think that there was a foot of snow on the ground.  The parkas are out this morning, and everyone is saying that its 'cold'.  Yes, winter time has come to the land of smiles - because it was in the 60's (15C-17C) this morning with a 10 km breeze.  In the Bay Area back in Kalifornia, we consider this 'perfect weather' for activities like kite flying, jogging, or any active outdoor sport.  It was absolutely wonderful during my walk this morning.  Naturally, the locals are staring at my shorts and tee shirt, thinking this guy must be very odd not to be bundled up with three layers of clothes...555

Its supposed to go down to 62F during midweek, but I really enjoy the daytime highs of only the mid to high 80s.  That means most of the day is perfect for anything outdoors.  As one gets older, there is no reason to fight the snow and cold weather when options like vacationing or living in warm weather locations like the LOS are available.  

nxsTiger is leaving today after a short visit.  Unfortunately, I missed him this time but I did spend some time with him on the phone yesterday.  He is coming back in February, but due to my planned surgery in the USA, I might not be here during his next trip.  There will always be other days and other trips and other opportunities to catch up with old friends.  We shared stories about a number of our acquaintances and friends that are at an age where we all have to begin to deal with health issues. But its part of life and we have to accept that we are no longer spring chickens in the prime...555. Though I still contend that the LOS and all of its charms is definitely a special kind of elixir for many of us visiting and living here.

Suppose to hear about our gun permit in the next day or so.  We went through the local police and amphur for the proper paperwork and paid all the required fees (plus some).  As a frequent supporter of the local police athletic programs, we got special treatment and even found a source where we can purchase the firearms directly at police/government prices.  Even have an option to join a local shooting club and purchase additional firearms under the same permit.  More after we get our first firearm delivered. Given the larger amount of choices available, here is my new selection.

The Sig Sauer P229 elite in Stainless Steel in 9mm.
Can't even buy this gun in Kalifornia, but I can get it here
The Secret Service carries a version of this gun when they are protecting the President of the USA so that says something about its capabilities.  If its good enough for them, its plenty good for us.

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